Nakea Morris, President

 Carolyn Johnson, Vice President

 Regina Hove, Secretary

 Pat Bush, Treasurer

 Keith Bingham, At Large

 Reginald Ward, At Large

Penny Williams, Director

 Pictured left to right: Carolyn Johnson, Pat Bush, Regina Hove, Nakea Morris, Penny Williams, Director.

 Not pictured: Reginald Ward and Keith Bingham, At Large

 Upcoming Board of Trustees Meetings 6:30 pm February 25, March 24, April 21, May 19 and June 16. 


“When I think about the Coatesville Area Public Library I think Community – the community of all of us striving to learn, grow, dream, and become the best we can – and how this library provides all of that, and more.”Nakea Morris (President, Board of Trustees)